The 100 Rads Bar is an important, but minor location found in the Great Metal Factory, appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

Not up to date! And I'm just heading towards the bar, to chat with folks. What, you've never been there? Goodness! So here's the deal: the way you're standing, just keep on moving north. The bar's just around the corner. It's very helpful to drop by there, especially for newbies like you it's like prescribed by the doctor: there are experienced men there, who knows, they may help out, tell you something, how and what. One thing, you'll run into our buddies from the Duty on the way...and here it depends - if you're lucky, they'll like you. If not, well then they won't.
- Random stalker

Overview Edit

  • While exterior has drastically changed, interior of the bar is pretty much the same like in vanilla Shadow of Chernobyl, but with back room added.
  • This place will be visited many times in the storyline.

Storyline Edit

  • The 100 Rads Bar is attacked twice, initially by the Sin Spy and later on by Mercenaries.

Notable Loot Edit

  • The In the blue chest under the table stash can be found inside the bar area, at the back underneath a table (provided the player has found the coordinates).
  • There is a locked door near the entrance to the bar with a Duty member standing in front of it. The player can retrieve multiple items by standing against the door and pressing the interact button, including some Medkits, food, some boxes of 45.ACP, a Desert Eagle and a suit of PSZ 9d Duty armor.
  • A full list of the items appears on the Great Metal Factory page and the exploit is only operable up to version 1.3003.

Notes Edit

  • Snitch will be gone after Mercenaries attack, so the player should buy information from him before that incident.
  • Some other NPCs, such as Hunter and Barkeep, will be 'moved' to the New 100 Rads after the incident.
  • Rookie players will have a much more difficult time finding a suitable path to the Bar on their first visit than in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and, if arriving at night, may have problems with mutants and anomalies. This route may help.


  • When the Bar is repopulated later in the game, part of the ambient sound will contain Hunter's bitching :- "Leave me alone!" and "Do you respect me?".
  • Thankfully, this does not get embellished to include parasitic legacy commentary from the Snitch.