A petty thief is an optional side mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

There's a Karlik, leaving nearby, who steals things from around the area; the military asked us to kill this thief, and bring back something from personal things of the commander of the checkpoint. According to approximate data, Karlik lives on a farm near the Church.
- Maj Griboyedov

Overview Edit

The mission is given by Major Griboyedov, located at the Military barracks in eastern Countryside.

A combined Camp Elimination and Find The Item side mission:

  1. Kill the Karlik.
  2. Find the Major's stolen gun.
  3. Return the gun to the Major.

Kill the Karlik Edit

  • After you have accepted the mission your PDA is updated with the area where the Karlik will be (around the otherwise abandoned church near the eastern Bandit village in Countryside, where Hermit resides).

Find the Major's stolen gun Edit

  • The gun can be found in the house on the church compound, in the room with the other stuff stolen by the Karlik.

Return the gun to the Major Edit

Notes Edit

  • The gun may be hidden under the broken furniture, walking through the room will reveal it.
  • After handing him the gun Major Griboyedov will ask for the other stolen stuff. Give him the PDA you found and he will offer another mission, An old friend (of the Major).

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