Akm 74/2U
(AKS-74U variant world model)
LA AK74 2U
General Characteristics
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Assault rifle



Magazine size



2.7 (kg)

Base cost

3740 RU

Base accuracy


Base handling



xx (xxxx DPS)

Rate of fire

600 RPM

The AKm 74/2U is an assault rifle that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

The weight and size of the Akm 74/2U are similar to those of a submachine gun, but its operation mode and the ammunition it uses place it into a class of assault rifles. Its advantages are its small dimensions very useful when fighting inside a building or in a thick forest and a relatively high piercing capabilities. Its main disadvantages are a limited accuracy range and quick overheating when firing in bursts.
- Inventory description

Overview Edit

AKm 74-2U base stats

Base Stats

Upgrades Edit

Level 1 upgrades. Edit

Gas bleeder:

  • Price: 1080 RU
  • A gas bleeder with a shifting unit dissipates part of the recoil, which increases accuracy.
    • Recoil: +34%

Accelerated refire rate:

  • Price: 1080 RU
  • Despite its name, it replaces the regular bolt with an exposed bolt system: it should provide a higher rate of fire.
    • Rate of fire: +11%

Level 2 upgrades Edit

Incident slide:

  • Price: 1200 RU
  • This slide slides along the stem, preventing the muzzle from climbing when firing.
    • Recoil: +57%

Longitudinal grooves:

  • Price: 1200 RU
  • Adding oblique grooves to the frame of the weapon helps reduce friction of the moving parts and protects them from dirt, increasing weapon reliability.
    • Improves weapon's durability.

Modified trigger moderator:

  • Price: 1440 RU
  • The modification can increase the rate of fire.
    • Rate of fire: +17%

Smart compensator:

  • Price: 1440 RU
  • A special compensator fixes the position of the barrel, automatically releasing gasses and pushing the barrel to its original position after firing.
    • Handling: +8%

Level 3 upgrades. Edit

Receiver counterforce rotator:

  • Price: 1800 RU
  • A counterforce rotator installed in the receiver reduces weapon recoil.
    • Recoil: +321%

Composite trigger group:

  • Price: 1800 RU
  • Individually selecting composite parts for each weapon model is tedious and expensive, but the weapon's lifespan increase noticeably.
    • Improves weapon's durability.

Automatic two-position gas regulator:

  • Price: 1440 RU
  • This special mechanism reduces the weapon's sway, increasing accuracy.
    •  ?

Rollback moderator:

  • Price: 1440 RU
  • Special slide parts compensate the movement of the slide, reducing recoil.
    • Recoil: +24%

Titanium spring return mechanism:

  • Price: 1920 RU
  • Titanium springs are much more efficient than steel ones.
    • Rate of fire: +21%

Expanded magazine:

  • Price: 2040 RU
  • Change standard magazines for larger ones.
    • Magazine: +10

Unaccented trigger:

  • Price: 1560 RU
  • This rotary system is well balanced, breaking smoothly, resulting in increased battlefield accuracy.
    •  ?

Lack gas amplification:

  • Price: 1560 RU
  • The lock's speed is amplified through the use of powder gases and a modified closing mechanism, significantly increasing the rate of fire.
    • Rate of fire: +10%

Gallery Edit

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