An old friend (of Seriy) is a side mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod from v1.4002 onwards.

People missing are a common sight in Zone. But, you can look for them anyway. There's an info that he's either at the Warehouses or Forest.
- Detailed task information

Notes Edit

  • The mission is given by Seriy after successful recapture of the Hangar.
  • It should not be confused with An old friend (of the Major) which will have a similar basic name in the player's task list. The two are quite unrelated and may both be present in the list.
  • The mission is multi stage and involves considerable inter zone travel.
  • Due to the fact that bleeding control is difficult to achieve in a meaningful sense for the player (from v1.4005) the prospect for acquiring a Fungus is attractive early on.
  • Noting that Artifact Spawns in the Music Village might also be of considerable additional advantage tends to give this mission a higher priority for the player.
  • (Seriy's Pellicle is of secondary importance)
  • The mission is quite resolvable (without visiting Agroprom) if the player follows one or other optional paths when trying to Help the Duty checkpoint. Access to the Rostok and Forest levels may be purchased (20000 Ru) or worked for.
  • Exploits also exist to visit other levels as noted in the Main Mission Strategy article.


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