LA Item Antidote
World model.
General Characteristics

LA Icon Antidote


Injectable medication


0.2 kg

Base cost

8000 Ru

Lost Alpha

Boost time 60 mins
Blowout protect +10%


Antidote is a medical item featured in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

An antidote for X-Virus. It was developed in the X18 Labs in 1989. This is highly valuable and rare item in the Zone. It also boosts immunities during blowouts which can be very handy if you find yourself far from a shelter.
- Inventory description

(X-virus antidote) Edit

  • A drug worth a large sum of money. The description implies having a similar effect to anabiotics in Call of Pripyat, allowing the player to survive being caught in an emission.


  • Its existence may be an easter egg reference to Priboi Story, another mod by Dezowave team, where it played a crucial role in the main story.
  • Anyone with the resources will pay market price for this uncommon item.
  • The medpack reverse appears to be unclear regarding potential survival times..


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