Artifact Merger
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General Characteristics

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Base cost

20,000 Ru


The Artifact Merger is a device featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

A device, latest achievement in scientific experiments. Allows you to combine artifacts.
- Inventory description




  • The player will need to buy Artifact recipes from the same source.
  • Ad hoc combination of materials by the player is prohibited by the device itself.
  • The player has a number of options when using the device to increase the probability of a successful conversion:
  1. Make a save before use.
  2. Set matters in motion.
  3. Sleep for an equivalent duration.
  4. Reload the save if unsuccessful.
  • Alternatively,
  1. Set matters in motion.
  2. Continue playing as normal (noting how long the process time will take)
  3. Make a save closer to the end of the process, and reload if required.
  • The actual result of the combination event is not determined at the start but at the end of the process and is randomized at that time.
  • Another convenient feature of the device is that the used ingredients are subtracted from inventory when process is initiated (leaving just the 0.25kg of the Merger itself as carry weight) and the result re-added to inventory after process conclusion.
  • The Merger needs to "recharge" for an hour after use.



  • Consulting the merger during a sprint terminates the sprint.


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