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Artifact Spawns take place in both Lost Alpha and the Developer's Cut on a random basis from many anomalies.


  • These spawns differ markedly from Anomaly Fields in that spawning is entirely random (or non-existent) and that a 'biological component' needs to be terminated within the anomaly for spawning to actually be a possibility.
  • Pretty much any anomaly might spawn an artifact in exchange for a mutant life, with the first example seen by the player in Cordon during a cutscene early in the game where a Flesh enters a Whirligig zone.


  • Actually getting some poor beast to run into the kill radius of an anomaly varies in difficulty. The example given above being arguably the easiest in the mid-game when the brave Duty fighters have vacated to the Outskirts.
  • This particular example may be manipulated to spawn all of the listed artifacts.
  • Simply make a save near the lamp-post east of the bus to remain outside of the Boar attack range. Stir them up if needed so that they charge and watch them break off and wander into the Whirligig...
  • Reload if spawn results do not suit your plans.
  • Another boar-pack will spawn for the next visit to the level...


  • Good detection equipment, suitably upgraded where applicable is a must if running around anomaly clusters, to minimize the chances of the player getting sucked into an untimely end.

Other ExamplesEdit

  • Nearby whirligig directly over the bar. Less productive.
  • The whirligig by the tailgate of the wagon on the road to Military Warehouses. Converts Blind Dogs - but they do not respawn.
  • The whirligig clusters south of the Merc Bar in Forgotten are quite productive at turning dogs into Meat Chunk, Stone Blood and Soul and the dogs appear to respawn.
  • The Electro anomaly in Yantar where the Radar Zombies are found has been known to produce Sparkler and Electra artifacts.
  • The peculiar swirling anomalies in Pripyat Underground seen in the early sewers might convert a snork into a Bubble (this implies that they are coded by the "zone_isparenie.ltx" file)
  • The weird spiky puffball anomaly near Sidorovich, where the Bloodsucker patrols, can be used to squish the bloodsucker. Spawns of Thorn and Crystal Thorn have been known, but these easily get trapped within the anomaly making retrieval slightly problematic. The bloodsucker respawns too. This implies that the anomaly is controlled by "zone_ameba.ltx" with the corollary that Urchin, Fungus, Battery and Green beads are also possible spawns.
  • The Trade Route Tunnel has a wide variety of anomalies and a one-off group of five zombies. They do not respawn and trying to get the local Flesh to enter the tunnel is difficult.
    • Enter from the north (where the flesh pack is) and make an interim save somewhere near the underground door. Up to the carwreck mid-tunnel, all of the Springboards are of the strong variety and may yield a Spring or a Cake in exchange for a Zombie. The semi-useless Bouquet is also possible with the even more useless Red beads being coded with a zero probability. More likely spawns of Stone Flower and Night Star will predominate.
    • The springboards south of the wreck are of the weak variant (still fairly deadly) and only yield Jellyfish and Stone Flowers. The Whirligig certainly spawns Stone Blood and Meat Chunks and other possibilities may present themselves but are probably limited to the Soul as the anomaly is far from powerful.
    • The general idea here is to encourage the occupants to expire in the strong springboards to preferentially spawn the higher end artifacts. Gaining a Spring or two on day one of the game would set the player up handsomely.
    • Since the artifacts spawn in the anomaly for the most part, a shotgun is helpful in dislodging them. Unfortunately, any Cakes may vanish from the game through the tunnel walls...
  • The Music Village zombies may also be similarly exploited.
    • The village splits into a north and a south part separated by a wide, overgrown lane, infested with several strong Springboards, and a derelict car in the middle.
    • Make a save when on the roof of the car and wait for the zombies to arrive. Some minor jumping and walking around to stay out of their clutches may be necessary as they walk into the anomalies.
    • NOTE: the game manager reports (erroneously) that any spawns caused during this originate from "zone_buzz_average" when clearly these are Springboards and yield those corresponding artifacts.
    • NOTE 2: Dislodging the Cake from the anomaly is best performed with a handgun as the artifact is quite labile. Other artifacts might need a few rifle shots to get them out of the kill zone.