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General Characteristics






Base cost

20,000 Ru



  • Due to the fact that "Transmutation" or 'Artifact Merging' has been introduced into the Lost Alpha, there is a set of recipes that the player will need to exercise discretion in purchasing from a suitable vendor.
  • Random mixing of ingredients is not allowed.
  • Combination without the recipe is not allowed.
  • The 'grammar' or 'algebra' of the recipes is pretty much arbitrary in LA (unlike magic spell mixtures in games like Ultima, for example) and not suitable for guesswork. Bottom line:- buy the recipe.


  • Currently, there are only 11 Artifact recipes available to the player.
  • They may be purchased from either Sakharov or Deedee.
  • All synthetic artifacts have a recipe, as detailed in the 'af_trans.ltx' gamefile, but only the following are available to the player in version 1.3003.
Name Ingredients Time Price
Bubble 1x Pellicle

2x Wrenched

4h 4000
Bouquet 2x Jellyfish

1x Stone Flower

4h 3500
Compass 1x Mica

1x Crystal Thorn

1x Doughboy

5h 6000
Cuttlefish 1x Jellyfish

1x Gravi

4h 5000
Electra 1x Flash

3x Dog Tail

2x Sparkler

1h 3500
Sauron's eye 1x Droplets

2x Hand of a zombie

1x Flash

6h 6000
Flame 1x Fireball

1x Night Star

1x Stone Flower

6h 5000
Firefly 1x Wrenched

1x Slug

1x Stone Blood

3h 3500
Snowflake 1x Moonlight

1x Sparkler

1x Flash

4h 6000
Liver 1x Mica

1x Soul

1x Bloodsucker tentacles

3h 4000
Rock 1x Soul

1x Stone Blood

1x Snork foot

3h 4000

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