Marked One, the Military are under attack from Monolith forces not far from your position. Hurry please, they are outnumbered and I fear the worst will happen!
- Sakharov, Mission briefing

Assist the military is a storyline task that is assigned in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.


  • The mission is issued as the player leaves the underground at the end of the Find the way to Pripyat mission.
  • There is a scripted relations tweak that adds +1200 to the player's factional score with the Military and this will carry over to the subsequent levels.
  • Entering Freeplay will remove this bonus.
  • If the player is still allied to the Bandits the bonus will not be applied and the mission is not issued due to the Military being hostile towards the player.
  • Eliminating the Monolith squad centered around the map marker concludes the mission.


  • Depending upon how quickly the player gets involved there could be up to ten Monolithians that need elimination.
  • Provided that the player takes care of a few targets, the Military should survive the conflict.
  • If still a Bandit, the Military need to be evaded and several level dependent missions will not be available.


  • The mission fails if all of the troopers are killed.