Got a job for you, Marked One...
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Attack the base and get the artifact is a set-piece storyline task that is assigned in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

Hey man, sorry for the delay, car was being a bitch. I hope I'm not too late to the party, 'cause I want a piece of 'em too! What's the situation?
- Contact, Preamble

The mercs that murdered your friends and stole the Crystal artifact are in the warehouses up ahead. An entire garrison unit from the looks of it.
- Marked One

That won't be easy. As I see it, we need to get past the snipers in the towers and several patrols of mercs. I hear that a blowout is expected soon, so this should help create confusion among them. Follow me in, and I'll personally find the bastard who did this! As payment, I'll let you keep the artifact in question. It doesn't matter to me now that the gang is dead... You take out the first sniper at the base entrance, and then we will storm in! Have some tact - use your sniper rifle and keep the noise level low.
- Contact, mission briefing


  • This is a three part mission involving a Camp elimination; a Stalker assassination and the recovery of an artifact (Find the artifact)
  • The Stalker assassination triggers an airborne Military invasion of the Army Warehouses during which the player needs to be elsewhere.
  • The mission ends successfully when the player returns to Ghost with the Maddog Crystal (which is undroppable)


  • Following the plan suggested by Contact is usually a good idea on the basis that he has "immortal" status until after the Blowout.
  • The Mutants that spawn for the cutscene and initially run into the base add confusion to the mission; they will also run back through the base after the blowout at periodic intervals and harass the player.
  • Reaching the first objective should be a priority after disposing of snipers and gate troops.
  • Some opposition may be in this building, but the player will need to just 'fight it out'.
  • If time permits, unlock MadDog's PC and investigate it.
  • Eat and drink before the Blowout hits.
  • Eat and drink again after the blowout subsides.
  • MadDog usually remains at his marked location, but is also known to range the base fighting mutants, visit the HQ building or even to spawn there straight after the scripted blowout.
  • Since MadDog is by this time the next objective target, the player will be aware of his movements on the map and mini-map.
  • The remaining mercs perish in the Blowout.
  • All may be looted. Four of the snipers each have a Sniper rifle SVDm-2 and a SVUmk2 on or near them and are now fixtures on the gameboard. The ten other mercs are volatile on reloads.
  • The player is free to come and go prior to the elimination of the target.
  • The Maddog Crystal is recovered from MadDog and the player needs to make best speed away from the area.


  • The password to MadDog's computer is "maddog".
  • Despite Ghost's earlier assertions - Contact is a loner.