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Bandages. Help stop bleeding.
- Inventory description


  • An often overlooked factor in combat is that the victim of an attack is less likely to die from gunshots or externally inflicted shrapnel damage, and more likely to expire simply by 'bleeding out'.
  • For these unfortunate but unavoidable occasions wise Stalkers carry a stock of these sterile field dressings to stem the bleeding prior to remediation of the health consequences associated with such events.
  • Sometimes it may be necessary to use more than one bandage to stem severe cases of bleeding.
  • Ineffective against cerebral heamorrhaging inflicted by telepathic attack.
  • Ineffective against poisoning other than to give a small health boost.


  • Telepathic heamorrhaging may be completely reversed with the wearing of an outrageous number of Ball of Twine artifacts.
  • The Duty bandage is quite rare. The hidden stash in Strelok's Hideout may contain a few (v1.4000+)