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The Bandit Base is a minor location in Dark Valley, featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

You're lucky, stalker, that the bandits didn't get you: they have a base pretty close to here. Oh how I would have totalled it if I could...But for now we're just observing. This is their supporting base - the headquarters are located closer to the center of the Zone.
- Oleg Gusarov

Overview Edit

  • This area is almost identical to the retail copy.
  • The player will need to come here to find out a password for the main mission chain.
  • There are around 20 Bandits located in and around the base.
  • A trader is now located here (providing the player has a Bandit Jacket on).

Storyline Edit

Get the Bandit's Password: Edit

  1. Find a gullible Bandit
  2. Get the password

1: Find a gullible Bandit:

  • The player must head into the base to find the whereabouts of a certain drunk Bandit. The drunk Bandit can be found stumbling around in a drunken mess (usually between the outer wall and red brick building) close to the area where the BTR-70 Armored Personnel Carrier was abandoned.
    • Note: If the Bandit jacket is removed, both the Bandits and Monolith factions will become hostile to the player again. It is advised to leave it on for the duration of the level.

2: Get the password:

  • Talk to him until eventually (and several more drinks later), he tells the player the password is "pizdec". From here proceed back out onto the main road and head south until a left turn is reached (with an abandoned lorry parked on the road).
  • Upon walking a short distance, the player will find a small entrance with a Monolith member standing on guard, several others can also be seen to the left of him, meditating round a campfire. Talk to the guard to start the next part of the mission chain.

Side Missions Edit

Notable Loot Edit

  • Poker (inside the shed in the south-west corner) carries the unique Threaded SPSA14 (warn condition).
  • Friar (guarding the armory) carries the unique Storming Obokan (warn condition).
    • Both characters must be killed in order to loot said weapons.

Notes Edit

  • The Bandit trader's name may not be stable.
  • Before the player enters into hostilities with the Bandits, it may be prudent to buy and store as much petrol from this trader as possible.
  • The character Shaggy Sergei can be found in the basement.

Gallery Edit

Bandit Base (Dark Valley)

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