The Bandit Mine is an underground location within the Bandit Mine Complex in the Forest.

Overview Edit

  • The Bandit Mine is made up of two levels with the top level being of most importance. It is located on the west side of the Bandit Mine Complex.

Notes Edit

  • Any Bandits occupying the mine will usually have Hunting Rifles or BM16 Rifles and 12x76 Dart ammo. They seldom remain in the depths of the mine and will egress to engage the player.

Storyline Edit

  • No Storyline elements take place here or in the more global Bandit Mine Complex in v1.3003.
  • As of v1.4000+ Petrenko will give a 'Documents Mission' that involves this location provided that the player has successfully completed the 'Documents Mission' for Sidorovich.
  • There is a zoned out Loner south of the Bandit Mine Complex who messages the player for assistance on a second visit to the Forest level. His task involves visiting the Bandit Mine.

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