The Bandit Village is a minor location found in Yantar, appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

Overview Edit

  • A large, partially decayed village located in the south-west of the map.
  • Populated with around nine Bandits and some Zombies.

Storyline Edit

Side Missions Edit

Notes Edit

  • A strange, non-functioning item can also be found in the upturned table in the Second white house.
  • The world model is that of a box of 7.62x54mm 7N1 rounds, however the inventory icon is a Thorn and Moonlight standing side by side.
  • The inventory description reads as follows: "enc_weapons1_ammo_ammo-5.7x28-fmj"
  • It appears to be ammo, given that it has "30" on it.
  • This is an ammo stick for the FN P90 cut weapon and ought to contain 50 rounds. Similar calibre ammo may also show up in the Merc locker stash, but this has a different (erroneous) icon since it is ammo of a different grade. (No instances of the FN P90 show up on an unmodified gameboard)

Notable Loot Edit

  • First white house:
    • x2 boxes of 5.45x39mm BP rounds (behind the chest of drawers next to the sofa)
    • x2 boxes of 9x18mm PBP rounds (in the wardrobe under the stairs leading to the attic) (=> v1.4000)
  • Second white house (behind main cluster towards Radar station):
  • Water Tower

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