Bes' Camp is a minor location in Garbage in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Overview Edit

  • This is the first minor location the player will find in Garbage.
  • The small camp appears to be an abandoned construction site. It consists of broken catwalks, 2 cranes (one broken), 2 un-useable cars (a ZAZ-965 and a Moskvich) and a lot of junk lying around.
  • A small basement can be found behind Bes. It consists of one long corridor and a single room on the left further down.
  • Two Loners patrol the grounds and two more Loners sit below inside the basement.

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Notes Edit

  • The basement behind Bes will only be accessible once he has wondered off after the side mission.
  • The Moskvich car (with the yellow roof) contains a stash in the boot.
  • When the player returns to the map later on, the camp will have been taken over by Bandits. If the player kills them and returns yet again at a later date, Bes will have returned along with a new group of Loners.

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