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Bloodsucker village
View of the area from the fence near the
Dead City level exit.

Desolate ruined village


Military Warehouses

Notable locations

Strelok gang hideout


None during gameplay
(except Strelok's group
Loners during Freeplay





Other characters
Related quests


  • As is typical of the game, the location is larger than the version seen in the released canon game.
  • Since the timeline sets the game in July, there has also been ample time for extensive floral overgrowth to establish itself providing cover for the inhabitants and impeding movement for the player.
  • There are plenty of Anomalies to stumble into, mostly Witches' Jelly, Springboards and Burners.
  • There are a variety of Mutants infesting the area; Bloodsuckers obviously, but only a pair; a small swarm of Rats near the tower, and a respawning pair of Chimera in the same area.



  • There is no pressing need to visit this location and the Military Warehouses level is inaccessible early in game anyway, rendering the point moot.
  • Level access is possible via Dead City, allowing a shortcut to Great Metal Factory along the level boundary fence west of Bloodsucker village. Until proper level access is granted, this will be unidirectional to Rostok.
  • The Strelok gang hideout remains locked until the Meet Ghost mission is activated by Doc.
  • A village revisit will be necessary later on after business with MadDog has concluded and a further visit later in the game in order to Meet with fang.
  • If the player bothers to 'work' for Kolovrat, then the Missing weapon optional mission takes place in the village and it may be necessary to deal with the local Chimera infestation.
  • In Freeplay, a small group of Loners take up temporary residence in the southern part of the village. They become the focus of a distasteful task for the player.



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