Got a job for you, Marked One...
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Border box

PDA map location.

General Characteristics
Stash type
  • Stashbox
given by

Border box is a bugged stash featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Box at the end of the line
- PDA description


  • Stashes in the Countryside are definitely bugged. The majority have NO probability of being given, and only one - Leap of faith - with a probability of 0.03, will always be given if the player has found the map that leads to it.
  • The problem with the remaining stashes is the absence of any condition list whatsoever for the specified community to provide the coordinates to the player.
  • This may be corrected by hacking the treasure_manager.ltx file and appending "condlist = {actor_on_level(la19_country)} 50" after the items line. The value of 50 (a probability of 0.5) is arbitrary and may be reduced.
  • For all stashes on the level the assigning community consists of Bandits, Duty, Loners, Mercenaries and the Military. Only Bandits and Military are usually present but a rare Merc sometimes shows up inexplicably.
  • There are no non-volatile corpse placements on the level.
  • All of the stashes in Countryside are found in the eastern half of the map.


  • Annoyingly, this is located inside the northern barracks at the Lost Factory transition, and approaching it will turn the guards hostile to the player.



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