Brain vat is an optional side mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Yes... Psi-emitters. I know much of it. I can help you to protect yourself from the psi-rays, if you're interested.
- Sakharov

Overview Edit

After you encountered the Brain Vat in Yantar underground, e.g. during side mission Find the experimental ecolog suit, Sakharov offers the dialog option Professor!.. I urgently need your help!... Finishing the conversation will start the side mission Brain vat and add a PSI-1 Brain wave scanner and (only in v1.4005) a Psi-blocker to your inventory.

A Find The Item side mission:

  • Get to the place
  • Take all the measurements (not initially visible, see below)
  • Bring the measurement results

Get to the place Edit

  • The place to go is obviously the Brain Vat in Yantar underground.
  • Before entering the Brain Vat hall attach the PSI-1 Brain wave scanner to your belt and put in measuring mode. The scanner is comparable to an Anomalous Activity Detectors (Detector "Echo" or Detector "Bear") with regard to handling.
  • With the activated scanner move closer to the Brain Vat until a message Take all the measurements appears and a countdown is shown in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • The following task is added to the task list.

Take all the measurements Edit

  • Stay close to the Brain Vat until the countdown has finished. You will be teleported to the storage room.
  • When you get too far away from the Brain Vat or holster the scanner, the countdown will stop and restart when you get closer or unholster the scanner.
  • During the measurement one to three Controller will spawn and attack you.

Bring the measurement results Edit

  • Return to Sakharov and start the dialog option Done all the measurements. Wasn't easy and I was hit by the psy attack again.

Notes Edit

  • In v1.4002 some parts of the dialog with Sakharov are displayed as internal placeholders (e.g. esc_nimble_work_task3_brain_8b).
  • Though Sakharov says Then take this helm and this measurement device your inventory only shows the measurement device, a PSI-1 Brain wave scanner, and the Psi-blocker (in 1.4005) resp. no other item (in v1.4002), but no helm.
  • The scanner and the Psi-blocker are not droppable and will remain in your inventory for the rest of the game.

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