The Bridge Checkpoint is a minor location found in Cordon, appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.


  • This location has been crossed with multiple versions of the same area from older builds.
  • It consists of a broken bridge (the middle section now located down on the road) with a train and 3 derailed carriages.
  • There is also a look-out tower next to the train, some crates/sandbags the military have setup down below and concrete slabs laying around the area.


When you first arrive here you will be told to keep calm and try to talk your way through the checkpoint. When you approach the military one of the soldiers will aim and tell you to stop and turn around. At this point you can either kill the military there or go up the hill to the left and head through the closer end of the fence. From this point on the soldiers won't warn you to move back and will simply shoot you if you get too close.

Notable Loot Edit

  • The military soldier standing up by the derailed carriages has a Sniper rifle SVDm-2.
  • The unique Fort-15 can be found on the military leader up to v1.3003.

Notes Edit

  • The unique Fort-15 found on the military leader up to v1.3003 is replaced by the standard Fort-12Mk2 pistol starting with v1.4000.
  • The route the player can take here technically splits into three at this point. They can either head straight up the road (dealing with all the military personnel), head to the east and up the hill (however they may be spotted by the sniper) or going west along to the Trade Route Tunnel (this is the "safest" route)
  • If eliminated, the military group will respawn after some time has passed, but without a group leader and the sniper on the bridge.


  • Although a return of 2-3000 Ru for the rifle is good money at this stage of the game, when Fox returns to his lair after he is freed, he can apply the first 2nd-tier upgrade on it for 3500 Ru (also automatically repairing it) and the player may now sell it for a whopping 18900 Ru to Sidorovich - the only person with deep enough pockets locally.
  • If the player can stand the extra carriage weight and also manages to loot a few rounds for it, it is also useful in the Garbage against the bandit sniper.