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Bring the tools to Fox
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Bring the tools to Fox is an optional side mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha v1.4005.

With the toolkits I can make you upgrades until you can pay.
- Fox

Overview Edit

The mission is given by Fox after he has reached his repair den underneath Rookie Village.

A Find The Item side mission:

  1. Find the tools for rough work
  2. Find the tools for fine work
  3. Find the calibration tools

Find the tools for rough work Edit

Find the tools for fine work Edit

  • Located near the chopper in the Ex-Military Structure at Yantar very near Sakharov's Bunker.
  • Another one on the second floor of the main building of the Military Warhouses base.
  • At the Water Dam in Countryside in a desk.

Find the calibration tools Edit

  • One possible location for the tools is before the entrance to the Lab X7. It is found on a stack of military boxes in the tunnel to Lab X7.
  • Another location for the tools is in the mine at the end of Pripyat Sewers. Go through the building up to the first level right on the left side beneath some tubes.

(More precision for Calibration tools after Pripyat Sewers: After leaving Pripyat Sewers, we arrive under a large dome with a giant drill in the middle. There you have to go left, enter the building and then climb the metal stairs. Just at the top of the stairs, on the wall on the left there are the tools with ammunition)

  • A third copy is located in the basement of Monolith HQ

Notes Edit

  • The mission was introduced with patch 1.4005.

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