Bulldog 6
RG6 Bulldog Grenade Launcher
General Characteristics

Heavy Weapon


VOG 25 40mm Grenade

Magazine size



6.2 (kg)

Base cost

11000 RU

Accessible attachments


Base accuracy


Base handling

Very Good


100 (xxxx DPS)

Rate of fire

100 RPM


Background Edit

A revolver-type grenade launcher. Sometimes, it is just indispensable, particularly when targeting large numbers of mutants, attacking well-guarded stationary objects or fighting especially tough creatures. Ammunition: VOG-25 grenade, and VOG-25R grenade.

Overview Edit

  • Heavy, powerful, slow to reload, this is the weapon of choice for hunting the Zone equivalent of the Mastodon. The reload delay should be noted as this will play a crucial part in determining the user's longevity once the previously stationary monster is intent upon charging the user down.

Notes Edit

  • There are few opportunities to purchase such weaponry, perhaps from trader Petrenko or Outskirts Barkeep later in the game.
  • It may be found in the low probability Dead City stash: Sniper safe, and comes fully loaded.
  • The weapon has NO upgrade tree so may be used "as is".

Gallery Edit

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