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Background Edit

A revolver-type grenade launcher. Sometimes, it is just indispensable, particularly when targeting large numbers of mutants, attacking well-guarded stationary objects or fighting especially tough creatures. Ammunition: VOG-25 grenade, and VOG-25R grenade.

Overview Edit

  • Heavy, powerful, slow to reload, this is the weapon of choice for hunting the Zone equivalent of the Mastodon. The reload delay should be noted as this will play a crucial part in determining the user's longevity once the previously stationary monster is intent upon charging the user down.

Notes Edit

  • There are few opportunities to purchase such weaponry, perhaps from trader Petrenko or Outskirts Barkeep later in the game.
  • It may be found in the low probability Dead City stash: Sniper safe, and comes fully loaded.
  • The weapon has NO upgrade tree so may be used "as is" (v1.3003)

Gallery Edit