The Bunker documents is a storyline quest item in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Passkey to X10 lab under radar.
- PDA description


  • This is the major quest item that the player recovers in the Get x10 passcode mission for Nomad from the safe in his old house in the Radar garbage heaps.
  • The Bunker documents are represented by a passcard.


  • The area is quite radioactive and has numerous Electro, Springboard and Vortex or Whirligig anomalies on the way.
  • Wearing a suitable outfit is advised, but a SSP-99M suit is quite sufficient.
  • Other available item from the safe include:
A Gasmask
2x Medkits
1x Bread
  • The code for the safe is provided by Nomad as "2-1-8".
  • The card needs to be returned to Nomad for him to 'activate' it.
  • After using the card to gain entry to X10, it conveniently vanishes from user inventory.


  • Despite the number of Electros in the area, spawned artifacts are relatively rare and any that appear are usually low-end specimens.
  • More usually, the gravitational anomalies provide better pickings.
  • Entry to X10 may be gained without the card anyway.