Burer (Dwarf)
Cop mo burer
General Characteristics

Mutated Human

Body parts

Hand of a Burer



Ugly, red-skinned dwarves born from genetic experiments. They usually inhabit dark underground tunnels as their sensitive eyes can go blind instantly from the sun's bright illumination. In their underground lairs, they set traps for stalkers and scientists. They try to block all exits using large pieces of trash, debris, or furniture. Burers have powerful arms that they use to rip apart their prey. Their personalities are very unstable; nervousness, fear, and sudden outbursts of aggression makes them behave erratically. They have a developed sixth-sense and the ability to use telekinesis. Their sixth sense allows them to see a possible threat without direct visual contact and establish its position. Telekinesis allows it to manipulate large objects at a distance, hurl them at an enemy, and use pyrokinesis to emit blasts of intense heat at opponents when no objects can be thrown. Their abilities, personalities, and intelligence makes them one of the most dangerous creatures in the Zone.




  • Before attacking Burers emit an ominous battle cry. That's the signal to take cover behind a solid wall or similar protection point.
  • Burers can be dropped with six .44 Magnum head shots.

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