The Bus Stop(Darkscape) is a minor location found Darkscape, appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.


  • A typical precast concrete bus shelter similar to other examples seen throughout the Zone.
  • Contains one occupant, the [[Military]] grunt with an RPG-7u who stands there waiting for the player to drive down from Dark Valley in a rickety Lada Niva Hospital Service so that he/she may be retired from the game.


  • For minimal excitement, ''do not'' take the Lada in the first place. The helicopter does not spawn in Dark Valley giving the player ample time to arrange any matters of importance on that level.
  • Jump the fence next to the Darkscape gate with a suitably lightened pack.
  • On entering Darkscape the heli will spawn and pursue the player.
  • Proceed on foot (leaving the UAZ Jeep alone) and move south and east through the woods using the cover of the trees.
  • Making combat saves is advised.
  • Circle to the far side of the Bus Stop, eliminate the grunt from behind and use the RPG-7u to eliminate the helicopter from the shelter of the location.
  • Once eliminated, any other helicopter will not pursue the player.