Got a job for you, Marked One...
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General Characteristics
Parent Anomaly

Artifact Merger

Lost Alpha



0.5 kg

Hunger abate
LA Protect Icon HungerGreen


Bulletproof Cap
LA Protect Icon Bullet


Base Price

6000 Ru


No negative characteristics.

Developer's Cut
DC Mass

0.5 kg

Hunger abate
LA Protect Icon HungerGreen

+6667% (v1.4002)

Bulletproof Cap
LA Protect Icon Bullet


Hunger gain
LA Protect Icon HungerRed

"-0" (v1.4005)

Base Price



See Artifact Spawns
"Hunger bugged" in the
positive sense.


The Cake is an artifact found in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

As this artifact protects you from bullets, your metabolism has certain resources drained which causes food cravings. It has a fitting name!
- Inventory description


  • Not yet found in the wild (v1.3003)
  • Sometimes, this artifact may be liberated from dead stalkers.
  • From v1.4000 onwards, the artifact is spawned from Springboard anomalies (see Artifact Spawns)


  • Useful for fire fight protection at any stage of the game (up to v1.4002)
  • Of limited use from v1.4005 as the hunger factor now works against the player, albeit slowly, so that the player will need to eat like a diabetic should several be worn concurrently.
  • Hardly very useful for the player who would prefer useful BP enhancement.


  • The artifact may be created using an Artifact Merger, however, the recipe remains unavailable under normal circumstances.
  • Hunger parameter may actually work in favour of the player (to v1.4002)
  • Hunger parameter clearly works against the player (v1.4005)


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