Captain is a minor character who may appear in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Stop! You're coming with me now, or I will kill you..
- Captain


  • Completely unknown.


  • The player will only have Captain introduce himself if the player is on truce terms with the Monolith faction.
  • Further, he introduces himself (by way of uttering the quoted veiled threat) after the player has agreed to perform Nomad's retrieval task.
  • There is an option to refuse Captain's polite threat, at which point the Monolith revert to a hostile stance. About 15 of his comrades are in the field, with over a dozen back at the Brain Scorcher compound.
  • It is far easier to go along with his nonsense and Meet the Patriarch.
  • This four-stage storyline mission leads the player towards the area where Nomad's Belongings lie.
  • There are also opportunities to recover mutant body parts as well as a useable RPG-7u with ammo, depending upon how much gets used during the mission.
  • It is helpful to position a vehicle strategically so that stashing is more easily accomplished.
  • After the scripted Blowout at the end of the Meet the Patriarch mission, Captain vanishes and is never seen again, although he will be heard by the player engaging in dialogue with the Patriarch in the vicinity of the compound.


  • Although he wears a black mask in world view, his PDA image during conversations shows the Monolith suit with Gasmask variation.