Cop pda chimera
General Characteristics



Very High

  • Charge
  • Claws
Body parts

Chimera's eye



1.4m in length. The result of genetic experimentation. Extremely cunning, strong, and fast creature; it hides, flanks, and circles around to attack its prey from behind. It has a doubled system of internal organs and an additional brain, both which make this creature problematic to kill, at the very least. It can also heal itself by regeneration of lost cells. It has almost no natural predators in the Zone and is considered the Zone's greatest hunter. Its movement and agility is reminiscent of a panther. The only worthy opponents for this creature are the Bloodsucker and the Pseudogiant.


  • The Chimera is a hairless cat/dog-like creature, close to the size of an adult lion, with two heads and a broad tail. Chimeras are extremely strong and they're able to turn a car over alone. They are the most deadly mutant encountered, jumping incredible distances and doing extreme damage. Though physically weaker than the Pseudogiant, the Chimera is considered deadlier due to its extremely fast speeds and aggressiveness.



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