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Chmielnitskoe beer is a beverage featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Since 1907 this popular mark fills the stomachs of all citizens of the Ukraine alike. Grown on fields of Storosinavsky and Chmielnisky, these hops and barley are cleaned to the highest standard to grant you the most pleasure.
- Inventory description


  • One of the many drink items available to the Lost Alpha player.
  • This is typical of the weight of canned drink items in general.
  • Cures actor thirst but has a deleterious effect on balance and coordination just as in the Base Game.
  • Note that the world model images for both beers are exchanged.


  • The brand is shown as ХМЕЛЬНИЦКОЕ (Khmel'nitskoye > "Chmielnitsky")
  • The label arc reads ПРЕМИУМ (Premium > "Premium") on the bottom.
  • Chmielnitsky was a Soviet nuclear missile base during the Cold War.