Cmuphob vodka is a beverage featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Imported vodka from Finland. Was a championship winner of "Best taste of year".
- Inventory description


  • Not a common item to find.
  • As is typical of high quality food and drink items, it usually trades for full value with all non-hostile NPCs.



  • CMИPHOB is Smirnov ("Smirnov" / "Smirnoff") in Cyrillic letters. This is similar to the Cyrillic text used on bottles of Russian-made Smirnov Vodka rather than the copperplate Latin text of the Western-made Smirnoff brand logo.
  • The bottle's label is similar to the red label used by Smirnoff №21 vodka. It reads "TRIPLE DISTILLED for purity - Premium Vodka".
  • Contrary to the description quote, not produced in Finland.