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Code door combination is a quest item that appears in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

"Code door combination"
- Inventory description


  • This is a code that the player obtains in two parts from NPCs in the Countryside area.
  • One part is erroneously labelled "Nomad's code" in the gamefiles but is actually obtained from Hermit.
  • The dialogue action that ensues in obtaining the other half, Mil code, also refers to Nomad as the being the other involved party in the subterfuge. This is not the case and is either a scripting error or an intended 'red herring' to confuse and misdirect the player.


  • To actually have a shot at getting this information, an early conversation with the Snitch or the other information peddler Geoff Henderson is mandatory.
  • The actual location of the door is not disclosed by any party.


  • The code door pertaining to this item may be opened without acquisition of the code itself - provided that the player is cognizant of the actual code.