Dead City's Streets
Dead Playground
  • Decaying urban
Notable buildings
  • Eleven
  • None
  • None

Dead City's Streetsis a collection of minor locations found in Dead City, appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone Mod.

Overview Edit

  • A large collection of buildings scattered around the city.
  • The roads are full of various Anomalies, making driving through the streets a challenge.
  • The Mercenaries will occupy the larger buildings around the city center center at first, before being kicked out by the Military later on in the storyline.
  • Added to this, after the "Merc Purge" the city will also be filled with various Mutants. These consist of:
  • The area is a goldmine for various loot.

Storyline Edit

Side Missions Edit

Notable Loot Edit

  • Be sure to bring a vehicle (or locate a stash location) for this area.

Destroyed Apartments: Edit

  • PDA Location.
  • The player shoulder make sure to either have proper armor protection (or plentiful amount of Antirads) while trying to get to this loot's location.
  • To get to the loot's location, the player must walk up a large piece of destroyed building and jump up and around onto the floor above. The items can then be found through the doorway at the back, inside a set of destructible boxes.

East Bridge: Edit

  • Directly underneath the bridge, on the metal truss frame work is a small placement of loot as well.
  • The player will have to traverse the lattice frame work till they reach the middle, where the loot will be found on a small, wooden platform.

Eastern Apartments: Edit

Green House: Edit

Grey Building: Edit

  • PDA Location
  • Loot found above front door on top of the "porch" (inside a destructible box).
  • Please note, sometimes the items fall through the floor or over the side of the roof. Search the area well after destroying the box.

Grey House: Edit

Grey Shed: Edit

North-East Apartments: Edit

North-West Apartments: Edit

Small Camp: Edit

Western Apartments: Edit

Notes Edit

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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