The Destroy the heli's task is a storyline mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Thanks for coming, Marked One. We've been caught off-guard by this attack. Damn these mercs; they've gotten the big stuff out! Is this retribution?! Anyways, Arnold was up on the water tower with the RPG, but he bit the dust. Please, take the choppers down while we hold them off here! I'll mark his last position on the map the RPG is all yours.
- Petrenko, Mission briefing


  • This is a three part mission that involves finding an RPG-7u followed by the elimination of two airborne threats.
  • Returning to Petrenko afterwards will conclude the mission.


  • Early releases (v1.30013) had the MI-24 Helicopters spawn as soon as the player entered the level.
  • Currently (v1.3003) concluding the Offer assistance to Duty at the bar. task immediately spawns the opponents who will engage the player directly.
  • Best strategy is for the player not to read the dialogue that pops up - but to get behind some adjacent solid machinery during the first attack pass (the Petrenko grouping is temporarily 'immortal') and then to make for the shelter of the clock tower (it isn't a 'water tower')
  • An interim save history is recommended.
  • The target item is located on the roof and the player is advised to vacate that location and seek shelter below.
  • The attackers tend to maintain station above Rostok, merely attempting to "sidestep" the player's attempts to engage the foe.
  • Given chance - they are, of course, - highly lethal as far as the player is concerned.
  • Firing from cover is advised.


  • The weapon may be sold back to Petrenko for around 12500 Ru in v1.3003 (early patches had him paying around 25000 Ru)
  • There are a few other OG-7vs on a parapet high up on the tower, but the five found in the "Ex-Military Structure" in Yantar are far easier to preposition.