Detector "Echo"
General Characteristics





0.25 kg (basic)
0.70 kg (upgraded)

Base cost

12500 Ru


Detector "Echo" is an item featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

The latest, experimental device, which according to the constructors should identify artefacts. Many mistakes have been made in the design, therefore it's not popular. The list of artefacts it detects is very limited.
- Inventory description

Overview Edit

Contrary to Anomaly Detectors Anomalous Activity Detectors do not discover anomalies and radiation but artefacts.

To use an Anomalous Activity Detectors the player has to attach the detector to the belt first. Only one anomalous activity detector can be attached to the belt at the same time. Pressing O on the keyboard will put the detector into the player's left hand and activate the artefact search mode.

The Detector "Echo" indicates nearby artefacts by a beeping sound and a flashing light. The frequency of the beeps and the flashes is an indicator of the distance to the artefact, the closer the artefact is the higher is the frequency.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrading the detector significantly improves the detection range and the number of detected artefact types.

Detector systems upgrade
Detector systems upgrade allows to increase its working radius.
Detection range +5.00 m

Detector systems upgrade
Detector systems upgrade allows to increase its working radius.
Detection range +7.50 m

Powerful antennas
New antennas almost double detector coverage thus enhancing its working radius.
Detection range +12.50 m

Firmware update
System patch expands the database by adding new types of artifacts.

Notes Edit

  • In common with all devices of this type, auto-attaches to the belt if there is a free slot available when being picked up.
  • The detector is pretty useless in basic condition, so plan to upgrade it immediately.
  • As upgrading the detection range is very expensive choosing the right technician is crucial.


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