Detector "Veles" is an item featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha from v1.4005.

A next generation scientific detection scanner. Thanks to three modernized detection chambers, the position of artefacts is shown on a special display screen. When closed, the device registers only radiation and anomalies. To switch to artefact search mode, open the front LED display. When in search mode, the detector is capable of locating all artefacts known to science.
- Inventory description

Overview Edit

  • May be purchased from Barkeep after the Disable Earthquake Doomsday Device segment has been accomplished. (Note that if this is performed 'out-of-step' the completion "Speak to Voronin" will be activated but not resolvable until after business at Lab X10 is concluded)
  • May be purchased from Barkeep already after visit to Yantar to get the Psi-helmet. The price is 100.000 without boosting the barter skills. Available at Deedee after disabling the X16 lab.
  • The price might be considered prohibitive.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrading the detector significantly improves the detection range and the number of detected artefact types.

Detector systems upgrade
Detector systems upgrade allows to increase its working radius.
Detection range +5.00 m

Detector systems upgrade
Detector systems upgrade allows to increase its working radius.
Detection range +7.50 m

Powerful antennas
New antennas almost double detector coverage thus enhancing its working radius.
Detection range +10.00 m
In v1.4005 Professor Kruglov needs data to do this upgrade, the Записи профессора Пироженко. The player automatically aquires this data upon completion of The expedition, when receiving the reward from Professor Pirozhenko.

Firmware update
System patch expands the database by adding new types of artifacts.

Notes Edit

  • In common with all devices of this type, auto-attaches to the belt if there is a free slot available when being picked up.
  • The detector is pretty useless in basic condition, so plan to upgrade it immediately.
  • As upgrading the detection range is very expensive choosing the right technician is crucial before v1.4005. In v1.4005 only Professor Kruglov can upgrade detectors.
  • A reliable trader for the detector is Barkeep.