- Voronin, Mission briefing

Disable Earthquake Doomsday Device is a storyline task that is assigned in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.


  • A three part mission involving the evasion of the Matrix security system, turning it off and returning for a debriefing.
  • There is a radio briefing by Voronin on entry to the lab.
  • Navigation by mini-map will be necessary.


As noted in the Basement main article:
  • The Matrix defense hologram will attempt to kill the player using his peculiar mode of attack. This will gradually wear away the player's health and if the player becomes cornered, result in death.
  • Running through the labyrinth is encouraged. Travel light.
  • During the initial chase-phase there are no other opponents unless player action spawns them.
  • After turning off the hologram power source (and coincidentally that of the 'Earthquake device' at the same time), there are six cutscenes relating to historical events that the player may trigger on returning to the level transfer point. Some are informative. Some spawn mutants.
  • If additional hostiles are desired, switching off the radio in the first 'storeroom' will spawn three Psy dogs. These usually remain in the first part of the labyrinth so the player may return later for a little sport.
  • When turning the radio back on (after dispatching the Psy dogs) it begins playing the standard music heard in radios elsewhere in the Zone.
  • Down the hallway from where the Psy dogs spawn is a side room with a ladder leading up to a small landing with another ladder leading to a locked door at the top. The Psy dogs can be easily dealt with from the top of the ladder.


  • Instead of running away from Matrix, or even listening to his diatribe/ imperative, there is an exploit whereby the player shoots him in the leg. While this turns him hostile towards the player, if executed carefully it results in disablement of the Matrix NPC. The player is then free to amble through the Level casually.
  • The two PC data items are required infoportions for the alternate "good" ending to be enabled.
  • Even if disabled in the exploit, Matrix makes a reappearance as the power source is deactivated.