Char doc

Doc in his house in the Swamps.
Lost Alpha
Rank Veteran
Reputation Good
Affiliation SCS Loners Stalker
More info
Equipment Vintar BC
Status Alive
Oh goodness, I thought your mind was gone there...
- Doc to Strelok

Doc is a supporting character appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


Legendary stalker rumored to have a cure fort any illness, which he brews using the Zone's fauna. Tends to keep eccentric company and has a domestic pet Pseudodog. He lives in the Great Swamps and he is also part of Strelok's group.


Lost Alpha Edit

He helps Strelok with his amnesia and repairs his PDA to a better state than it was before. He also sends Strelok to visit Ghost and help him out at the Military Warehouses.

Missions Given in the Lost AlphaEdit

Meet Ghost




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