Documents from Lab X18, part 5 is a storyline quest item that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

I’m done. I can’t do this anymore. When I enrolled in this project, all that I was told was the endless possibilities for unrestrained scientific pursuit. I wasn’t told we would kill for science; I wasn’t told we would be tools for governments; I wasn’t told there would be no standards or decency - any forms of ethics. That’s why I leave now. I’ll be permanently silenced - oh, I’m sure of it - but death sounds welcoming compared to this orgy of amorality. Shame on you all.
- PDA description


  • Referred to in the player's inventory as: Bastards, all of you - [REDACTED]

Location Edit

  • After entering X18 and descending the stairway, go left and enter the room with the two elevator shafts.
  • Go to the bottom of the available elevator shaft, exit the shaft and enter the other shaft.
  • Go up the ladder to the 3rd floor and go through the exit into the 'three canister' room.
  • Take the walkway to the left following it into the cut scene room.
  • In a corner hidden from plain sight there is a dead Freedomer, his PDA, a computer and X18 document 5 which will show up in the inventory as, 'Bastards, all of you - [REDACTED]'.
  • The PDA contains the password to the computer.
  • The PC contains one TXT file named 'mutants'.
  • After activating the Xray PDA Downloads module in your inventory, login to the PC, open the text file and click the 'Download to PDA' button.


  • This is the item of the five piece set which involves traversing the lift shaft and a walk around the gantries, with a cutscene release of a pair of Snorks.
  • Although the snorks are 'gulaged' they may escape onto the gantry, attack the player, and retreat back into the defunct laboratory area.
  • The Documents from Lab X18, part 5 are lying on the desk to the left of the Admin PC just around the corner.
  • Since examination of the (locked) PC would be uppermost on any Stalker's list, the access code is provided locally on an easy to spot PDA next to the dead Freedomer expert.