Electro Oasis is a minor location appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone Mod.
There is a very rare and special anomaly formation in the Forest. Some say it has a stash right in the heart of it that contains something unusual. It's also been said that somehow this formation shields you from blowouts.
- Random stalker


  • A minor but very useful early visit location.
  • No main mission elements take place here.
  • Consists of many (around one dozen) Electro anomalies in a roughly circular pattern with one entrance to the center located to the south of the area. A few Burnt Fuzz hang from the curved structures.
  • Some rough fencing somewhat restricts casual entrance.


  • The Forest main level may be accessed from the Rostok transition as soon as the player has access to that level.
  • Travel from the other Forest entrance may be restricted in the early game.
  • A good protective suit is not essential for the trip as routes may be found that skirt the deadlier Radiation pockets.
  • Once south of the Music Village, it is advisable to remain east of the road while heading in a south-westerly direction to the Electro Oasis in order to avoid the inhabitants.
  • As noted in the Forest article: "the Electro Oasis is well worth a visit at a suitable time of night, but only seems to be good for an initial spawning of 10-15 relevant artifacts. Allow suitable carry space.
  • Respawns here do not seem to occur beyond this windfall."


  • To avoid a return visit, speak with the Snitch beforehand.