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F1 Grenade
F1 Grenade
F1 Grenade
General Characteristics




Base cost

220 Ru

Lost Alpha

Fragmentation damage
in local area


A defensive hand grenade with a large radius of splinter damage. It is recommended to throw it only from behind cover.
- Encyclopedia description


  • Early in the game players may consider the carrying of this asset to be superfluous and inhibiting due to its weight.
  • In the Base Game, opponents do not throw any grenades. In Lost Alpha this is far from the norm, with ANY human opponent being very likely to lob this F1 Grenade and its lighter RGD-5 Grenade counterpart in the player's direction.
  • This has much more gameplay synergy with combat seen in Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat, the exception being that there is no "grenade incoming" warning icon visible to the player.
  • For this reason alone, the player should be aware that audio (and some visual) cues play a major part in avoiding serious damage, or death, when these munitions are deployed.
  • Basically, if you don't know where it is directed - or do not hear the opponent NPC delivering the verbal taunt prior to delivery of his 'gift' - the consequences may be dire.


  • Run.
  • Preferably sideways from the delivery arc or trajectory.
  • In keeping with the avoidance of blast / damage from an OG-7v, getting behind a fixed object such as a wall or building is highly recommended.
  • There is NO provision for 'hero tactics' such as picking up the live munition and redirecting it to sender - such wishful thinking is quite suicidal.
  • There might be occasions when dodging behind fixed scenery could be of help: the issuing NPC could be distracted into bouncing a grenade BACK into his own vicinity. Results of such finesse are rather variable.




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