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Find Greben's stolen stuff is a storyline side mission appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha mod and will only be given if the player has joined Duty.

When these bastards attacked our position, they not only sprayed us with lead, but those buggers stole my favourite guitar!! Bastards, I can't forgive them for that. We also had a case of some stuff know...make the days easier...if you understand what I mean! Bastards from the gas station group took it! Can you try to find these things in their respective camps, please?
- Greben


The mission splits into two parts:

  1. Find Greben's favourite guitar and stolen case.
  2. Talk with Greben.
  • The mission is not given until the player accepts Greben's Eliminate bandits camps mission, and neither item spawns until the given camp is actually eliminated.
  • Both missions may therefore run concurrently.

1. Find Greben's favourite guitar and stolen case.Edit

a. GuitarEdit

  • After player kills all the bandits in village, he/she must then find the guitar.
  • If the player is using patch 1.3002 or 1.3003, it can be found inside the perimeter of a ruined house infested with anomalies, leaning against a wall.
  • Can sometimes be difficult to spot, especially in night conditions or if the player tries to hurry.
  • House ruin is on the north-west corner of the village.

b. DrugsEdit

  • The Motor Pool is located at the entrance of the level from Bar-Rostok. It is populated with six bandits, and after the player completes the slaughter, the drug case needs to be located under one of the tanker trucks.
  • The world model is the same as the Artifact Merger, possibly a placeholder until new patch.

2. Talk with Greben.Edit

  • When the player discusses the mission result with Greben, he expresses gratitude of course.
  • He also claims to turn over to player something "found in an anomaly" but the item may not appear in player's inventory and there is no message blurb in the dialogue to say that any item was received.


  • Between 1.30013 and 1.3002 patch, the guitar location was altered by the developers.
  • The Guitar was originally found (if player was able to find at all) in the open by two wrecked houses in SW corner of Bandit Village, while in patches 1.3002 and 1.3003, the guitar is now located in a wrecked house in the NW corner of the village which has an anomaly in the middle of it.
  • Before patch 1.3002, a bug can occur in which Greben will not accept his things after player has gone through great difficulty in obtaining them.


  • Interesting to think, why Duty fighters who oppose all things Freedom members do should need the drugs. Ordinary, one would normally assume that Duty do not like drugs.