The Find and wear a bandit suit task is a storyline mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Where can I find a bandit suit?
- Marked One
I guess you could get one from Barkeep, or perhaps you can find one at an old entrance to a small underground near here that the bandits used to use. I heard many died there in an explosion, maybe one of their suits is still usable. I'll mark the place on your map.
- Oleg Gusarov


  • As the name of the mission suggests, simply donning a Bandit jacket concludes the mission.
  • The intention (and result) of this subterfuge is that the player temporarily changes factional allegiance and joins the Bandits...
  • This intentional maneuver will provide for bloodless visits to both the Bandit Base and the Monolith Base later on.



  • The Mail jacket from the Bandit Mine will not be sufficient to satisfy the mission requirements. (It also has no night vision nor the possibility of being fitted with such)
  • The player gains a beneficial 'neutral' relationship with the Monolithians guarding the nearby Monolith Base above the entrance to the Darklab.
  • As indicated in the article image, the player retains their status with the Loners but not as "green friendly" in this instance. This has a minor detrimental effect in trading costs and returns.
  • The factional change is reversed during the Free the Dutyer from prison mission later on.
  • Since that mission may be ignored, the player may exploit this to remain a bandit for the rest of the game.