Find mail jacket is a side mission given by Nimble. Though it is just called "Find the item" in the PDA.


The mission consists of two sub-task

  • Find mail jacket
  • Bring the customer what's been promised.

Find mail jacketEdit

Bring the customer what's been promisedEdit

  • Just return the jacket to Nimble.


  • In v1.4002 the first sub-task was missing. Therefor the PDA did NOT update when you picked up the item. You still got a sound notification and a PDA icon in the left part of the screen.
  • If you store the item in a container there will be a quest marker that looks like a purple briefcase showing it's position.
  • The detailed task information states "Find and bring to Nimble rare instance of equipment".
  • There is at least one other Mail jacket in the game that will satisfy Nimble.