Got a job for you, Marked One...
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Find out information about yourself
Char sid

"I saved you,..."

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Rank increase: +2

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Find out information about yourself is a storyline task that is assigned automatically at the beginning of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

I don't remember anything about myself, but i certainly do remember how to carry a weapon. So, how can I help?
- Marked One


  • The player receives this task automatically after waking and receiving the Kill Strelok task.
  • The player needs to walk up the stairs and talk to Sidorovich. After the player and Sidorovich converse regarding who they are, Sid will give the player a choice whether to take a small PDA / Item menu tutorial or not:
  1. "Treat me like a rookie, I don't remember anything."
  2. "I don't remember anything about myself, but i certainly do remember how to carry a weapon. So, how can I help?"
  • After going through the tutorial with the first choice (or skipping with the second), Sidorovich will then tell the player to go and get their gear and then assign the first proper storyline task:


  1. Take your equipment from the dresser
  2. Return to Sidorovich

Take your equipment from the dresserEdit

  • Walk back down the stairs to the bunk room and look to the right of the door. Inside the dresser the player will find their free inventory items, consisting of several basic inventory articles.
  • (Select "Take All")

Return to SidorovichEdit

  • The weapons and some of the items the player picks up will automatically be equipped to the various slots of their HUD, so take the contents and return back up the stairs to Sidorovich.
  • Note: The player can skip this step by simply picking up the equipment before even talking to Sidorovich.



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