Find the Duty group deep in the zone is a storyline mission appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha mod and will only be given if the player has joined Duty.

Good day, Lieutenant. Want to drink something? Or you're interested in another dirty job? OK then, listen... We sent a squad to a forgotten road almost 5 days ago, but we haven't had a sitrep since. I guess their radio signal isn't getting through from their position. I need you to figure out what happened to our strike team. The reason I sent them there wqs to investigate a rumors about some strange new species of mutants, and document anything about such a species. Are you ready to look into the secrets of this area?
- Voronin


  • The player heads for the indicated mapspot in Forgotten, to meet, and then assist the Duty group.
  • The group is surrounded by five Chimera who remain inert until the player draws close.
  • These need to be eliminated in due course and as many company members prevented from dying as possible.
  • Conclusion of this stage - by reporting to the local commander - concludes the mission and spawns the Help the rest of the Duty group task.
  • Both tasks need to be successfully completed if the mission set is to succeed.


  • Failure to keep enough of your "comrades" alive will fail the mission.
  • In this event, Voronin "dismisses you from further service with Duty" even as you are tasked with the Meet with Negotiator mission.
  • This seemingly paradoxical behaviour comes about as a result of the "task_manager.ltx" file containing two entries for this mission pair: [bar_dolg_task_mutants] and [bar_dolg_muta_ver_fail]. Both missions have the same consequences (+2 rank, +100 Duty relation)
  • Due to the nature of the opposition and the non-trivial risks of accidentally shooting a "comrade", making a save just prior to triggering the Chimera is recommended.
  • Reducing the game difficulty for the duration of the level may also be necessary.