Find the Groza

Side mission task from Nimble.

Quest type

Find the item

Given by



Personal "Tunder" 5.45



  • 7.500 RU

Go and get a rare gear for Nimble. First task is to bring him OTs-14 Groza assault rifle adapted to 5.45 with extended magazine. It belongs to some captain or major at the stationed at the agroprom.
- Task description

Find the Groza is a side mission given by Nimble. Though it is just called "Special order" in the PDA.


The mission consist of two sub-tasks

  • Find the Groza
  • Bring it to Nimble

Find the GrozaEdit

  • The area where the item can be found is highlighted on your PDA's map, in this case it is the main building of Research Institute: South in Agroprom.
  • The item is located on a drawer on the top floor.

Bring it to NimbleEdit

  • This should be self-explanatory.


  • As all of Nimbles "Special order" missions Find the Groza does not count towards the number of completed quests, does not affect your reputation and does not add to your rank. So you may want to think twice before you bring the item to Nimble...


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