Find the Moonlight artifact is an optional side-mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Quite an expensive artefact and almost perfectly round, I must have one. You will be well rewarded.
- Sakharov


  • The side missions in Lost Alpha are largely symbolic, reward the player far more frugally than in the base game, and detract from the game generally. Why would a player hunt down and recover a prime artifact and off load it for a pittance?
  • This is the fourth such mission, and the third of this type given by Sakharov and completion is required for progression to the other (poorly rewarding) missions.


  • Obtaining this mission will depend upon completion of the Find the Gold Fish artifact mission.
  • There is no time limit for completion.
  • The only other prerequisite being that the player has accepted the storyline task to Get wire for the scientist as part of the quest set to repair the player's PDA; in other words, the mission will not be available until this part of the storyline is triggered.


  • The actual artefact could be lying around near the various anomaly clusters on the Yantar level (depending upon the time of day), but these spawns are fixed at the beginning of the game and may not be reliable. They may also be confused with Green Parasite and Blue Parasite artifacts under poor lighting conditions.
  • The best easy location for finding this artifact with a reasonable probability is around the Electro Oasis at the proper time. These spawns are also fixed at game initiation, and do not respawn.
  • Another source might be the garbage heap on the Outskirts level, however this may be problematic to access early in the game.