Find the artefact (Garbage) is a storyline mission appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha mod and will only be given if the player has joined Duty.

So here you are - one of Duty's attack dogs. You were sent for negotiations? Hah, let's get the ball rolling... We need a rare artifact called Gold Fish for our experiments. If you can get it for us, maybe we'll return what we snatched from you.
- Glob


  • At the conclusion of Meet with Negotiator which is satisfied by talking to Glob, the player is tasked by this miscreant to find a Goldfish artifact and bring it back in exchange for the Duty disc1 containing 'information about Duty.'
  • There is no particular need for the player to convey the "Negotiator's" request back to Voronin, merely bringing the artifact to Glob and talking to him suitably will conclude the mission.


  • As soon as the player confirms possession to Glob, he switches to hostile attack mode and the player will need to react accordingly.
  • Killing Glob spawns the Talk with blockpost group mission with the details being given by PDA from Voronin.
  • The player needs to loot Glob for the disk, preferably before proceeding.


  • There is a chance that the player retains the Goldfish if he allows Glob to dissemble a little. Just be prepared to let him take the first shot and be fleet of foot. Glob retreats to the cover of the Vehicle Graveyard, from where he may be eliminated.