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Find the artifact (Cordon) is a storyline task that is assigned in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

Trader: there is a Whirligig anomaly field close by. There is an artifact in its center. Get it.
- Detailed task information


  • A very straightforward tutorial-type retrieval mission that introduces the player to several resources and navigational procedures:
  1. Find the artifact
  2. Bring the artifact to Sidorovich

Find the artifactEdit

  • The target location is visible in the player's mini-map, to reach it:
  • Head out the bunker and into the Rookie Village. Turn left and run toward the swamp area, just north of the village.
  • Avoiding the various Vortex and Whirligig anomalies, proceed onto the middle "island" area and pick up the Thorn artifact (it is VERY hard to see)

Bring the artifact to SidorovichEdit

  • Run back down to Sidorovich and hand over the artifact. He will award the player with 350 Ru.


  • The player is introduced to the concept of using "bolts" to determine the locations of Anomalies.
  • The player is also introduced to the uses of the HUD mini-map for close quarters navigation.