Find the bandits' documents is a main plot (storyline) mission appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Yeah, well sometimes life's a bitch. Don't worry, we lost our sense of pain long ago, so it doesn't hurt... much. Anyways... if you want the Sin to trust you, go to the bandit base in Dark Valley. There are important documents there that we need. Oh, and we took the liberty of removing some of your equipment. The bandits are on high alert and are wary, so having all that gear on you will rouse suspicions. I will give you some bandit gear for you to blend in and some standard shooters. Think of it as a test of virtue if you will. You'll get it all back when you're done. I will also give you this PDA module which allows you to download information wirelessly from any computer that has anything useful on it. So be sure to use it.
- Veles, mission briefing



Orthodox storylineEdit

Joining Duty storyline forkEdit

  • The Find the bandits' documents mission does not spawn in the first instance, since the player did not Go deeper into the mines, did not meet Veles, joined Duty instead and plays out a different storyline fork.
  • Acquisition of Borov's Documents is still quite possible and may be handed over to Petrenko later on after delivering the various Lab X-18 documents to him.


  • Since taking Borov's Documents makes forty-six enemies for the player, much as completing the Free the Dutyer from prison mission does, some careful pre-planning can make life much less problematic.
  • Entering Lab X-18 is possible if the code is known (5271) and may be performed while on non-hostile terms with the Monolith.
  • Just remember to obtain an Xray PDA Downloads module and install it beforehand.
  • Leaving the Mines by the required southern exit may easily result in the player coming into conflict with a lone Merc traveling in the direction of the Service Station. This results in the later Eliminate the mercs side mission failing (v1.3003)