Find the code to the door (Damned) is a storyline task which may be featured in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

- Mission briefing


  • The mission is not to be confused with Find the code to the door which relates to a quite different code door in Lab X-14.
  • The preceding and parallel Find the way to Pripyat mission requires the completion of this task in order for completion.
  • Navigation is principally by mini-map and map marker.


As noted in the Pripyat Underground article walkthrough, the underground is a maze broadly divided into four areas: this mission concerns locations between the Subterranean dual-carriageway and the Mine warren exit.
  • While a Flashlight could be sufficient, some form of Night vision is usually beneficial.
  • The mini-map will eventually show the two level transitions (one of which is blocked) and a single corpse transponder from a dead loner.
  • The Metro Service Door Pass is near the lone corpse, but is actually located on a scenery corpse a short distance away up a side tunnel. The scenery corpse obviously does not show as a PDA marker.
  • Jump down to the lower level, near the Green box phantom stash and look for a rotating signal beacon in the vicinity of the corpse and hunt around a little for the pass.
  • Proceed to the code-door involved in the other storyline mission Find the way to Pripyat, and enter "4-1-3-4" and move on with the deadweight of the pass for the remainder of the game.


  • Merely memorizing the code will allow for mission completion.
  • The Metro Service Door Pass weighs 1kg and is undroppable (v 1.3003)